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6 Ways to Target B2B Audiences with Native Advertising on Social Media

Sep 16, 2019

Engaging a B2B audience can be a tough task. Discover 6 ways you can use native advertising on social media to do so.
Social media is an awesome avenue a business can employ to connect and engage with their prospects. This post addresses the difficulty in finding the right B2B audience. It will also show how a business can engage the audience and convert them into customers.

The post will teach social media marketers the basics and steps of engaging their B2B audience in any network. Here are some things to learn:

  1. Identifying and understanding the right B2B audience.
  2. Providing solutions to the B2B audience problems.
  3. Following up on the audience to show support and care in an attempt to win, convert, and retain them.
Many businesses have failed in making use of social media for their growth. Those who have social media presence end up doing stuff that adds them little to no value. Instead of employing their social media networks handles to make more conversions, they only use them as a distribution list for blasting their content – with minimal or no engagement at all.

For a business to grow, there need to be conversions. You will need to convert more prospects and retain them as your regular customers or clients to reach the success you are always dreaming of. But before you reach the conversions, you first have to engage the prospects so that they can make the decision of doing business with you.

Yes, your B2B prospects are already on those social networks you use. But the problem is identifying and engaging them. Stop thinking that every post you create or the links you share to your Facebook pages or Instagram will boost the performance of your business. The real growth comes when you focus on your target audience and feed them with relevant content to make them value your brand.

In this post, you are going to learn the basics of identifying your B2B audience and how to provide them with relevant content that can solve their immediate needs. By doing this, you will easily earn credit from your audience. You will also get to understand how to convert your audience to real customers and retain them through consistent engagement.


Identification of the Right B2B Audience on Social Media

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When promoting your B2B campaigns, you want to reach the decision-makersin enterprises and other business and company setups. When identifying your audience, you need to think of where your prospects are located, their job titles, and the business industry they work in.

Narrowing down the audience helps you to focus on the people that matter more to your brand. Create a relationship with such people by providing them with the right content they will want to read. Focusing on their pain points, create content to provide solutions, and with time, you will gather the right audience to whom you will channel your B2B campaigns.

Engaging Your B2B Audience on Social Media

Once your brand starts getting a following from ideal prospects, it is time to engage them. The focus is to maintain the attention of your B2B audience to your brand as their ideal source of solution to their business needs. Here are 6 tips to keep your audience engaged on social media.

1. Answer Questions Promptly

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.14.19

As a business, you will not miss questions on your brand pages and channels on social media. As long as you have a serious following, people will always want to know a thing or two about your business or products.

An existing customer may ask for information on how to use or adjust your product to fit their needs. Prospects may also want to know some details revolving around your pricing model. Ensure that you accurately and promptly answer all the questions on your timeline. It will motivate your audience.

2. Respond to Any Complaints or Negative Feedback

Nobody wants a negative review on their pages. Yes, negative feedback can cause you pain and harm your business. But it all depends on how you handle criticism. If you neglect the negative feedbacks, you are more likely going to lose it to your competitors. Try also not to be rude, even if the accusation is not right.

To save your business, be prompt in replying to the negative reviews. Provide detailed solutions to the complainant and the readers. Avoid trying to ask the review poster to send you a private message or email for direct assistance (unless you are discussing confidential information).

In case you cannot provide an elaborate solution on your feed, e.g. on Twitter where responses are only very short, create a short descriptive video with Lifter LMS and post the link. Ask your complainant to watch the video to get an understanding of how to use your products. People will understand that you care and disregard the negative feedback.

3. Congratulate Your Customers

If you have a customer who has successfully stepped up in their business with your products, mention them on your feed and ask them how they did it or what their experience is. You can as well ask them to say something to others regarding their experience with your products. Being a B2B target, they will gladly respond. Your prospect will take their word seriously and the response will have an impact on the decisions prospects make about your brand.

4. Leverage Events

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.16.00

Many brands stay active on their social media accounts when they are planning for and attending business events. Finding out when your prospects are organizing their events and commenting on them will draw the attention of the relevant audience. Make your comments relevant to the events and mention your brand offering that may interest the attendance.

You can also create events for your business to go out and meet your prospects in conferences and other meetups. Showcase your offers and promote content that will convince your audience. But you should avoid being salesy anywhere.

5. Stay Active on Social Media Communities

Do not spend 100% of your time on your handles. Spend quality time reaching out to people who may need your information on LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Ensure the groups you join are relevant to your business industry. Provide value by responding to questions and commenting on posts on various social networks as well.

6. Show Your Appreciation

How would your audience know that you care about them and what they do? Whenever you connect with the right audience and they share your content or mention you in a post, you need to reply and thank them. Show them your concern and how you are glad to meet them. But make everything sound natural with no excitement (lest they think you are targeting at them).


To convert your audience, they should know that you care. And it is through your social engagement that the audience will tell whether or not you value their needs. Understanding their emotions is mandatory to provide engaging content and connecting positively to create an impact on their businesses.

Story by Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark is a content marketing specialist in IT & SEO, who helps clients increase their revenues by improving their organic traffic and building a powerful campaign through Google Adwords.

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