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Top 5 Native Creative Strategies Proven to Drive Results this Holiday Season

Oct 4, 2018


This is a sponsored post by Bidtellect

As the holiday season approaches, one thing on most retailers’ minds is how to get their products in front of gift-givers. How do they set themselves apart in such a competitive space?

What is that extra special something that will call gift seekers to engage with your content?

As more and more brands rely on content distribution to earn trust and loyalty, I wanted to provide some of the top creative Native best practices that are not only trending but are also driving results for brands.

Retail is Booming in Native

From Q1 to Q3, we saw a 443% jump in Bidtellect’s retail space in 2018. 443%. This has been a huge indicator to us that Native isn’t just an upper-funnel brand awareness tactic, but a true results-driven strategy.

Consumers rely on brands more and more often to get informed, for inspiration, and for valuable content. This shift to Native proves that shoppers are more likely to click on a “Top 5 Gifts Your Dad Will Love” versus “Sock Sale.” Content sells.

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This is why Native creatives are so important. They are the gateway to a retail product; they are the invitation to and a representation of the brand. From a heartwarming image to a compelling headline, our top creative practices for the holidays will ensure that customers will want to engage with you first!

A content marketing first approach + Native ads + these top creative tips = a foolproof engagement strategy for the holidays.

1. Headlines

The first (and arguably best) way to catch a shopper’s eye? The headline.

Remember to provide value, solve a problem from holiday shopping stress, educate the consumer, and use listacles to imply a quick and informative read. If you have a special offer or a promo code, now is the time to inform your prospective shoppers.

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Ask questions! Be punny! Invite readers without shouting at them. Anything too pushy or blatant will deter readers. Keep it short and sweet (no more than 60 characters) and in title case.

Bottom line: engage, educate and entertain.

2. Images

Actually, the image is probably the first and best visual cue - so don’t slack here! Images that feature people or animals are more relatable and draw more of an emotional response. And if you have been thinking about utilizing cinemagraphs, now is the time to test it out.

Think lifestyle, authentic, people in the moment and in the holiday spirit. Do not include text to images - otherwise you're entering display territory!

Bottom line: be emotional, authentic.

3. Description

This is the copy under the headline - it gives a little extra information about what your product or content offers! Remember to include value-driven, relevant copy that is consistent with the message in your headline.

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And (this should go without saying) the description should be longer than your headline. It’s a slight explanation if you will. Establish the connection, create a conflict, and your call-to-action (KPI) is the solution.

Bottom line: call-to-action, consistent with the headline

4. Video

Consumers are engaging with Native video – and not just autoplay. Bidtellect saw a 143% increase in completion rate of in-feed, click-to-play videos from 2017 to 2018, proving that consumers do engage. The most successful videos are those that convey a clear message immediately.

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Long videos that require time (and sound) from the viewer will not work. Keep the videos short and sweet, with a clear message that’s conveyed with or without sound and use subtitles or text.

Bottom line: clear message without sound

5. Testing

Don’t forget to utilize optimization strategies! Test out different creatives combinations and personalization tactics based on your KPIs for maximum engagement. It is essential to use a platform that will optimize to your KPIs to find your sweet spot.

Bottom line: optimization is key

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Holiday shopping season seems to start earlier and earlier each year. Remember, consumers aren’t ready for it just yet. That means there is plenty of time to get your Native Strategy in place.

Remember, a content marketing first approach + Native ads + these top creative tips = a foolproof engagement strategy. Cheers!

This is a sponsored post by Bidtellect

Story by Missy Steiner

Sr. Director of Marketing and VP at Bidtellect |

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