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Tips and tricks for getting more ‘likes’ and followers on Instagram

Aug 20, 2019

Follow these simple steps to ensure more likes and followers on Instagram:

Gathering followers on social media is the norm to demonstrate the popularity of the profile, and it is no exception for Instagram. If you have a profile on Instagram, personal or for business, then you must have sizeable followers to establish your position as a reliable online entity.  As of June 2018, Instagram recorded 1billion active users every month on the mobile photo-sharing network, and surely it is the greatest platform for networking, building, following and content sharing.

The number of followers on Instagram points to the achievement of marketers as it reflects the popularity of brands.  Once viewers take an interest in the brand and the content, they express their confidence by providing ‘likes’ which are like votes and by continually patronizing the brand they turn into followers.  Therefore, posting great content is one of the ways of generating more ‘likes’ and enjoy more following, but it all begins by taking a methodical approach as discussed in this article.







Your account must have a theme

Your account should indicate the purpose behind its meaning that there must be a clear direction in the profile that generates interest among viewers who find reasons to explore it. It is critical for generating followers, and you must build your profile around some theme. Figure out how to make your profile attractive to viewers that draw them towards it.  If you are creating a business profile, you must create it around the brand that you want to promote on Instagram. Staying focused should help to express your vision and what you want to achieve by creating a profile intended for some specific purpose.

User name and profile picture must be good


To build trust and for easy identification of your profile on Instagram, you must use the same name of the profile across all social media channels.  It helps to garner attention and generate followers quickly who are already familiar with your name on some other social media channels where you have an account. The profile picture must be relevant to the theme of the account. For example, if your account is about furniture business use an image of some furniture.

Create a bio

Add a compelling bio to the account that effectively introduces you or your business. Instagram allows you to insert a link in the bio and you must take advantage of it by providing a link of your website, blog or store for driving traffic to it. Make full use of the sharing opportunity by attracting viewers to anything that helps to achieve your business goals.

Having gone through the initial phase of setting up your account, it is now time to start the process of gathering followers and ‘likes.’


Start liking what others post

You must project your profile to draw the attention of viewers and the best way to make your intentions of linking with others is to start liking the visuals of others that you come across on Instagram. Search for the related hashtags in your niche and start liking other posts to make your presence felt. Soon you would find others reciprocating your gesture, and your profile or post start receiving ‘likes’ and generate followers.  Use some apps to identify the popular tags of the day and aggressively start following those to receive ‘likes’ in return. When you start liking thousands of pictures and videos on Instagram, you can hope to have some followers developed from your efforts. If liking thousands of posts in a day seems too much hard work to make it easy you can buy automatic ig likes that many companies sell.

Comment on pictures

Showing kindness to others by liking their pictures is not enough, and you can go a step ahead to show how much more interest you take by posting your comments on pictures. Just by acknowledging the goodness of pictures you send a signal about your eagerness to have others as your followers. Choose pictures that have fewer comments because the prospects of generating followers from these sources are high.

Follow people


Instagram has a feature ‘Find people to follow’ that allows you to import friends from your contact and Facebook that you can follow. In the ‘Explore’ the section you will find some suggested accounts that you can start following. Going by the thumb rule, 30% of all people or business you follow would reciprocate your gesture and start following you. Stick to the principle of having more followers than you follow, and you can create strategies accordingly.

Use the right tags

A lot depends on your choice of hashtags that determine the extent of the followers. Develop a strategy for creating hashtags with some thoughts and purpose and not just to make it look attractive. Indeed, hashtags must be, but more importantly, it must be relevant to the post you are promoting. If driving people to your post is one of the purposes of using hashtags, another purpose is to gain wide exposure for which you can use some popular hashtags that attract a wider audience. How many hashtags you must use is a question that Instagrammers face and the answer is to use not more than 5 hashtags per post. Using too many hashtags can do more harm than good, but you can try out by changing numbers to arrive at the correct figure. To accommodate the extra tags, you can place it in the comments section.

Regular posting at the right time

the-eleventh-hour-3101625_1280 (1)

It requires some fine balance to determine the optimal number of posts per day because if you post too little at long intervals, it would be detrimental for developing followers and if you post too much at random, it can result in clogging people’s feed who would simply start unfollowing you.  Posting 1-3 photos a day seems quite workable but do not post anything just for the sake of it as it can turn counterproductive.

Choose the right time for posting when your targeted audience is most active on the platform and starts interacting promptly. Avoid odd hours like midnight when most people are away from the platform.

Story by Walter Moore

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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