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Influencer and mother of a toddler engaged audiences on child-proof homes and CPR on children

By Native Advertising Institute on September 16, 2020

We’ve conducted a collection of case studies featuring award-winning native advertising examples. This blog post features Best Use of Influencer.


Campaign: Trygg-Hansa X Margaux Dietz. Check out the campaign here. 

Most companies experience that important messages aren’t necessarily flashy enough to attract the audience they deserve. Trygg-Hansa, a Swedish insurance company, ventured down a new path to spread the word of creating safe homes for small children.


  • Client: Swedish insurance company Trygg-Hansa
  • Agency: Aller Media and PHD

The Content

Trygg-Hansa communicates information that is critical in case of an emergency but not necessarily easy to convey in a “fun” and innovative manner. As the driving force behind the campaign together with Aller Media and media agency PhD, Trygg-Hansa decided to collaborate with well-known influencer Margaux Dietz. She is a mother herself and the perfect voice to raise awareness of child safety in an easygoing, including and playful way.

To achieve impact the campaign team decided to create content through a variety of Margaux Dietz’s channels. Blogposts for detailed storytelling, films for creative ways to share information and Instagram for reach. A lot of creative freedom was given to Margaux Dietz with the intention of creating the content so that it would appear natural and credible to her audience.

The team decided to create a lot of the material as vlogs. This format provided Margaux Dietz with an opportunity to invite guests on including children expert Alexandra Grahnström from Trygg-Hansa to talk directly to the followers of Margaux Dietz.

Distribution and Promotion

The Margaux Dietz Youtube channel has over 207,000 subscribers and her blog has 40 000 visitors per week. Instagram, how- ever, was the place for major reach: Margaux Dietz has 300.000 followers on the image-based social media platform.


Swedish insurance company Trygg-Hansa wanted to reach out with life-saving information on how to child-proof homes and perform CPR on small children. There were no direct measurables, but Trygg-Hansa aspired to position themselves top of mind as the insurance company for parents and pregnant couples.

One way to assess the success of the campaign were engagement levels on the social media channels of Margaux Dietz and whether Trygg-Hansa could surpass their set goals for children and pregnancy-insurances taken during 2018.

The Results

The impact during the year of the campaign was substantial. Trygg-Hansa surpassed their set goals for children and pregnancy-insurances taken in 2018, and the engagement in the social channels of Margaux Dietz was significant - with positive comments and a high-level of time spent on vlogs.

Take Note

Trygg-Hansa wanted to reach out with absolutely fundamental information to new parents – information with the potential to actually save lives. The relevance and value for the target audience was in other words extremely high and time spend on the information is a great investment for the target audience. There was one problem, however: Information about how to child-proof your home and perform CPR on small children is not necessarily eye-catching.

  • Aller Media, Trygg-Hansa and media-agency PHD, therefore, decided to engage blogger and social media-star Margaux Dietz who is the mother of a toddler - and has followers who are about to start a family or already have one. Margaux Dietz is a Swedish blogger and Youtube-profile born 1990 in Stockholm. As of January 2019 her Youtube channel has over 207,000 subscribers. She is also a major blogger on
  • The approach was that Margaux Dietz shared information in her own language and style - which made it easy for her followers
    to recognize the information and made the information credible and engaging. The information and the hard facts were provided and monitored by Trygg-Hansa.
  • In a total of six activities throughout the year, Margaux Dietz explored difficulties new parents face like travelling with children, how to childproof your home and how to swim with kids.
    In the segment swimming with kids, Olympic medallist-swimmer Therese Alshammar - who is also a mother helped educate Margaux Dietz and her followers with relevant advice. Everything was shared in Margaux’s usual tone - to make it credible and recognizable for her followers.
  • Trygg-Hansas focal point for the campaign was to improve their presence with expectant mothers and first-time parents and raise crucial information about saving lives. With the help of Margaux Dietz they were able to talk to parents about difficult subjects in an engaging and innovative way.