Terms & Conditions

Last updated: November 11, 2023

Age and billing authorization

By services from The Native Advertising Institute (NAI) you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age, that all information you submit is true and correct (including all credit card information), and that you are the authorized holder of the credit card.

Password and account security

If you create an account, we will assign you, or allow you to select, a password. Each registration is for a single user only and is non-transferable. You are not allowed to share your registration login credentials or give your login credentials to anyone else. We may cancel or suspend your access to NAI services and content if you share your login credentials. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password, which you will not have to reveal to any representative or agent of NAI. We do not allow use of role-based emails and usernames for individual membership accounts, and reserve the right to cancel or suspend access for accounts that use them.


When creating an account or purchasing a membership, NAI reserves the right to send electronic mail to you for the purpose of informing you of new content and features, and informing you of other changes or additions to the service. NAI may also contact you via email regarding your participation in user surveys, asking for feedback on current services or prospective products and services. This information will be used to improve the services and products, and any information we obtain in such surveys will not be shared with third parties, except in aggregate form. Members are given the option to manage their email preferences.

Any information you provide as part of your NAI+ account may be used to serve you ads or communicate with you regarding NAI+. To do so, we will share your email address with advertising platforms, specifically Meta, LinkedIn and Google, to identify you and serve you ads on those sites.

Membership and renewal terms

When you purchase a NAI+ membership, you agree to pay the applicable membership fee and any applicable renewal charges. If we are unable to charge your credit card or other payment method, your membership will automatically terminate and all associated accounts will be closed. We reserve the right to increase our membership prices at any time. We will give you at least thirty (30) days’ advance notice of any price increase, and the price increase will not apply until your current membership period has concluded. This will give you an opportunity to cancel your membership, as described below, before the price increase takes effect.


You can cancel your annual membership by emailing support@nativeadvertisinginstitute.com. If you cancel your membership, we will stop charging your account or sending invoices for future renewals. You will also revoke access to the product immediately. Refunds will not be issued for any period. Cancellations only apply to future charges, you will not receive a refund for your current membership.

Trial Period

Your membership may begin with a discounted trial period. At the end of a discounted trial period you will be charged for a membership matching the term length of your trial. You may not receive a notice from us that your discounted trial period has ended. To avoid being charged or invoiced, you must cancel your membership before the end of the discounted trial period. If you do nothing, your credit/debit card or payment account will be charged, or we will invoice you without the possibility of a refund.

Discounts and Promotional Codes

If you use a promotional code to obtain a NAI+ membership at a discounted price, the discount applies only during the initial membership period and does not apply to renewal periods. All renewals will be charged at the then-current membership price.

If your membership price is reduced because you or the organisation you represent agreed to upload a number of your own case studies, the discount only applies to the current membership period.

If you fail to upload the agree upon number of case studies before the current discountet membership period expires, the discount will be cancelled and you will have to pay the discountet amount.

Submission to the Native Advertising Awards

Upon submission of an entry to the Native Advertising Awards, the following terms apply:

  • Grant of Rights: The participant grants the Native Advertising Institute (NAI) a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to use, display, reproduce, and distribute the submitted material, in whole or in part, for the NAI's operational, educational, and promotional activities.
  • Use in Professional Contexts: The submission may be utilized as a resource by the NAI in various professional contexts, including educational materials, marketing efforts, and research publications, amongst others.
  • Exclusion of Confidential Information: The participant assures that the submission is free from confidential or proprietary information, trade secrets, or content restricted under non-disclosure agreements.
  • Accuracy and Rights: The participant confirms that all information in the submission is accurate and that they hold necessary rights and permissions for the submission and its intended use by the Institute.
  • Discretionary Use: The NAI reserves the right to select or reject submissions for any reason and is not obligated to utilize any submission.
  • Promotional Use: Parts of the submission may be used in the NAI's promotional activities across various media.
  • Credit and Attribution: While efforts will be made to credit the creators, such attribution is not guaranteed. The participant waives any claims for royalties or attribution related to the use of the submission.
  • Amendment and Withdrawal: Participants may request amendment or removal of their submissions from the NAI's use, subject to its policies. However, such requests do not affect prior usage.

By submitting a campaign, participants agree to these terms and conditions, granting NAI the rights for usage as described herein.

Changes to the site and services

We enhance and update the NAI+ membership websites, features, products and services frequently. We may change or discontinue features with or without notice to you. We do not guarantee the continued availability of any NAI+ content or features.


Our Privacy Policy, located at www.nativeadvertisinginstitute.com/privacy-policy explains how we collect, use, and disclose information about you in connection with NAI+. By using NAI+, you consent to receiving electronic communications from us related to your use your NAI+ membership account, the website, products and services including, but not limited to, announcements regarding changes to these Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy and pre-renewal notifications.

Accuracy of data

We make no claims or promises about the quality, accuracy, or reliability of any content available on or through NAI+ or any other NAI service or product.

Intellectual property

NAI’s products, services and content, may not be modified, reproduced, republished, retransmitted, or displayed except for personal use. Any use for a commercial or public purpose requires specific written permission from NAI.

Changes to these terms and conditions

From time to time, we may change these terms and conditions. If we change these terms and conditions, we will inform you by posting the revised terms and conditions on the NAI website. Those changes will go into effect on the revision date shown in the revised terms and conditions. By continuing to use our website, products or services, you agree to the revised terms and conditions. If the change is a “material change” that requires us to notify you pursuant to applicable law, we will notify you by email to the email address we have on record at least thirty (30) days before the revision date.