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We offer a variety of media solutions to help you

Regardless of your marketing challenges and needs – from lead generation to brand awareness and thought leader positioning – the Native Advertising Institute offers a variety of media solutions to help you with just that:

  • Event Sponsorships at Native Advertising Days (Download sponsor kit)
  • Native Advertising Awards Sponsorships
  • Dedicated Email Campaigns
  • E-newsletter banners and text ads
  • Sponsored posts (online + newsletter)

Our media services are 100% native ad-focused. We practice what we preach. This means that we do not publish sponsored content that does not adhere to the NAI editorial guidelines.

The Native Advertising Institute is partially funded by the generous support of benefactors and partners.

Please contact us, if your company want to become an NAI benefactor or partner.

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Who We Are

Native Advertising Institute (NAI) is a world-class native advertising think tank solely dedicated to leading,
educating and connecting marketing, advertising, communications and publishing professionals in effort to advance the industry.

Who We Reach

NAI reaches professionals within the publishing and media industry. Our audience includes professionals who oversee or are integral in their organisations’ content production, content promotion, and content distribution strategies. Our attendees’ roles are typically:

Ad Tech

  • VP of Sales
  • VP of Audience
  • VP of Publisher Development
  • Managing Director
  • Director of Sales
  • Director of Marketing
  • Product Director
  • Brand Strategy Director
  • Strategic Accounts Director
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Account Sales Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Brand Strategist
  • Head of Native
  • Head of Campaigns
  • Head of Programmatic
  • Head of Content
  • Product Manager
  • Campaign Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Programmatic Strategist


  • Media Executive (News, Magazine, Digital, Online/Offline)
  • Account Executive
  • VP of Brand Studio
  • VP of Marketing
  • Director of Sales
  • Native Advertising Director
  • Director of Product Development
  • Creative Director
  • Head of Brand Studio Head of Content
  • Head of Commerical
  • Head of New Media
  • Head of Digital Advertising Sales
  • Manager Editor-In-Chief
  • Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Journalist
  • Key Account Manager

What we do

The Native Advertising Institute is dedicated to helping publishing and marketing, advertising, communications professionals become successful with native advertising. Whether you are a die-hard expert or just getting started with native advertising, this is where you can find the insights and tools you need to elevate your game. The Native Advertising Institute is dedicated to providing you with case studies, best practices, how-to guides, analysis, research, and events.

Why we do it

Native Advertising Institute is a result of the recent evolvement in advertising, content distribution and promotion. Within the last few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the interest for native advertising. This creates an urgent need to learn more about how to actually make native advertising work, how to avoid the pitfalls, and how to drive maximum results. When native advertising is done right, it holds fantastic potential for everyone involved. It is our hope that as many of you as possible will join us on our mission to unleash that potential.