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Cheezee Milky Moves x Tiktok Hashtag Challenge

Cheezee Milky Moves x Tiktok Hashtag Challenge

Goals and objectivesGoals and objectives

Mondelez brands, Eden Cheese and Cheez Whiz, were the staples of Filipino households for many years. Loyalty was so high that selection of these brands were almost automatic among household decision makers. And yet despite their market leadership, advertising continuous to be strong and consistent across offline and online platforms, communication upgraded from a simple cheese spread to a meal enhancer.

In addition, the tightening of financial belts due to the second year of the pandemic has led some people to be less exploratory on brands - a budgeting tactic that de-prioritizes unfamiliar choices.

It is in this scenario that the new brand, Magnolia Cheezee Milky White, must be launched. A cut-through campaign was necessary to catch consumer attention and generate immediate trial.

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