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How DHL's 50th Anniversary Campaign Redefined Global Logistics Branding

Goals and objectives

In 2019, the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing – a landmark moment in technological development and human exploration. 2019 also marked 50 years since the founding of global logistics company DHL.

Over the past five decades, DHL has evolved into a logistics powerhouse, supporting businesses and individuals worldwide. With this campaign, it wanted to increase brand awareness and understanding of the efficiency and reliability of DHL and promote some of the inspiring new initiatives the company is involved with and acting on.

DHL sought to leverage CNN’s international reach and scale to deliver its brand messages to key target audiences – International Decision Makers in the freight and logistics industries, and Business Decision Makers in the UK, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, as well more broadly across the US and the rest of the world.

The campaign also aimed to align DHL’s brand and trusted, efficient identity with CNN’s trusted, premium environment.

CNN International Commercial and DHL partnered to highlight and celebrate these two 50th anniversaries and deliver key brand messages, centered around two character-driven videos produced by our award-winning brand studio, Create.

The campaign ties into DHL’s identity of global interconnectedness and trusted reliability in an ever-evolving cultural and technological landscape and shines a light on topics deeply rooted in DHL's history and DNA: innovation and sustainability.

Two films created specifically for digital embrace past, present, and future perspectives, with the uplifting, personal and innovative stories creating a connection between DHL and viewers around the world.

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