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How VELUX Illuminated Homes and Marketing Metrics with 'Blind Gekocht

Goals and objectives

Starting point is the successful TV-format Blind Gekocht, an SBS-format, broadcasted on TV-channel VIER (BELGIUM), in which young couples entrust their total savings plus a mortgage loan to a production house and a team of experts. Their goal? Find the first home of their dreams, based on a wish list, but within the boundaries of realistic expectations. VIER buys and renovates the house and finally reveals it to the couples or singles, who, at the very end, ‘blindly’ take possession of the keys to their new home: BLIND GEKOCHT!

In Blind Gekocht, we allow commercial partnerships as VELUX to be part of the process from old to new. Main goal for VELUX: Discover, Inspire and Inform.

For VELUX, we created a full TV-package: trailering, billboarding, native & active product integration in multiple episodes and multiple native online content articles, integrated in the Blind Gekocht Online Magazine. The online magazine was developed to create a natural but direct interaction between the content in the program and online (products, house situation, people behind) and built up by editorial articles and online videos, created by our team mainly with before & after images of the renovated houses. The online magazine was triggered via native bannering at all Mediahuis news sites, targeted on movers, builders, rebuilders, etc... only!

In the TV-program we highlighted the ‘product essence’ and online we went into detail (emotional and technical). A perfect combination of reach and relevance.

Active Period: March - April - May 2020

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