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Why the Washington College and BuzzFeed Collaboration Successfully Captivated the 13-17 Year Old Audience

Goals and objectives

Washington College partnered with BuzzFeed to create an innovative approach to marketing higher education. 

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Generate awareness of Washington College 
  2. Reach 13-17yo audience both regionally and nationally 
  3. Create engaging and relatable native content 
  4. Multichannel social media distribution of content 
  5. Measurable and mobile 

Our strategy was to reach high school students who are thinking about, and applying, to colleges through BuzzFeed's distribution channels. These students (13-17) are spending a majority of their time on social and digital platforms. The goal was to reach this audience when they are the most engaged (on social), with content they care about and can relate to. The content created will extend the Washington College 'Happiness' campaign in a way that authentically speaks to both the unique elements of Washington College, and high school BuzzFeed readers. By doing this, we will generate mass awareness, spark interest, and drive current students to requesting more information and consider Washington College as an option.

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