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How Yoplait and INM Celebrated Every Age: A Case Study in Hyper-Localized Engagement

Goals and objectives

Yoplait is the leading yoghurt brand in Ireland, with a strong legacy and market share and has been at the heart of Irish fridges for 40 years, however, were facing challenges. Consumers trusted the brand, but they were less clear about what and who the brand stood for. Yoplait’s growth has declined and they were losing relevance in the family space. They needed to rebuild brand love and connect on an emotional level with their consumers.

MEC were set the challenge of launching Yoplait’s “I Love my Age” campaign using the only asset they had, a French TV ad. A subtitled version was used to reach consumers across TV, cinema, mobile mastheads, video embedded native, display and on demand TV. MEC then hyper-localised the campaign by making it Irish! 

In order to bring this campaign to life they knew that they would have to partner with a supplier to creatively activate the hyper localisation. So they partnered with us, INM, knowing we could deliver both reach and creativity to deliver a national campaign that resonated emotionally with our audience.

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