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Axel Springer

We’re firm believers in the power of native advertising as a way to create impact for advertisers, publishers and audiences. Partnering with NAI allows us to take our native advertising offering to the next level. We look forward to meaningful partnerships, engagements and case studies as part of membership.

Jerusha Raath, Head of Native Studio Media24

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We established Seznam Brand Studio with the commitment to deliver unparalleled work for our clients. To achieve this, we consistently measure our performance against the industry's best and seek inspiration from top-tier studios globally. NAI Plus is an instrumental tool that will assist us in this ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Andy Sitta, Head of Seznam Brand Studio

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Roularta has been a consistent presence at NAI events and award ceremonies for several years. Engaging in this 'Plus' partnership aligns with this longstanding relationship. We are eager to deepen our understanding of global native advertising trends and share insights. Our ultimate goal is to enhance native advertising strategies and produce branded content that delivers added value to all stakeholders.

Veerle Neyens, Director Roularta Brand Studio

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