The Publisher’s Buyers Guide to Native Advertising Technology

Your comprehensive guide to the native ad tech landscape – By Chad Pollitt

Publishers, marketers, advertisers and media buyers are faced with a cluttered native advertising technology landscape.

This e-book:

  • Simplifies the Native Ad Tech industry to let you succeed as a publisher 
  • Focuses on some of the lesser-known technologies

If you’re in the publishing business, consider this your one-stop resource for all things native ad tech related. You can expect to:

  • Learn what services help to distribute content, to the best person at the right time
  • Learn what sponsored content marketplaces can do and how they can drive revenue for your business companies differentiate from each other
  • Understand the best content platforms for publishers and how the top tech
  • Get familiar with live streaming, anti-ad blocking services, CRM and Content Discovery optimization

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