Hanna Repo

Hanna Repo

Content Marketing Director at Alma Brand Studio

I am the Content Marketing Director at Alma Media. I am responsible for native advertising and content marketing that we do for our clients.

Alma Media is a digital service business and media company with a strong capacity for renewal.

In Finland, our business operations include financial and professional media, leading housing and automotive marketplaces, national consumer media and content and data services for professionals and businesses.

What an environment to create native advertising! I have been developing native and branded content since 2017.

For me, interesting and high-quality content is extremely important, and the content must fit its publishing platform.

Alma Media's creative department is called Alma Brand Studio. I have the honor of leading a department that employs fantastic and talented professionals in native and content marketing: producers, graphic designers, and videographers.

I am also the current chairman for the IAB Finland Content Marketing task force.