Tine Karlsen headshot

Tine Karlsen

CEO & Co-Founder

Based in Norway, Tine Karlsen is the CEO & Co-founder of Vev.

While working at a digital design and publishing firm, Tine witnessed the persistent problem of developers being siloed from designers and content creators; to solve this, Tine and CTO Nicolay Thafvelin founded Vev in 2017 to unite the creative and technical parts of the design process. Since then, Vev has seen incredible growth, with notable users such as Schibsted, Politico, The Daily Mail, DN, The Economist, CNA,  Experian, MillerKnoll, WWF, and Pfizer.

With over a decade of experience in the no-code and low-code space, Tine has gone on to deliver talks at events such as AwwwardsConf Amsterdam 2022 and she has devoted her career to dismantling the creative and technical barriers surrounding building on the web. Focusing on thoughtful collaboration and open tech, her work at Vev is helping global brands and creative studios publish award-winning immersive experiences anywhere on the web.