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Alexander Aude: Experiences From Using AI in Video Production

By Alexander Højfeldt Lund on June 3, 2024

In the last 18 months, AI has gained massive amounts of territory in marketing land with many professionals equally fascinated and frightened by its possibilities.

At the upcoming Native Advertising Days 2024, Alexander Aude, Partner & Head of Video at Brain Movers, will share his insights on the integration of AI in video production. 

Drawing from his experiences on a native advertising project featuring Formula One driver Kevin Magnussen and the Danish physiotherapy chain ProTreatment, Aude offers a nuanced perspective on the potential and limitations of AI in this creative field.

A Collaborative Project with Kevin Magnussen

The native advertising project followed Kevin Magnussen, a renowned Formula One driver, and his physical coach, Thomas, who runs ProTreatment, a Danish physiotherapy chain. 

The team documented Magnussen's training regimen and discussed his previous season and expectations for the upcoming one, focusing primarily on the physical aspects. 

This resulted in a compelling five-episode documentary, with each episode lasting approximately seven minutes.

Initial Hopes for AI Integration

Aude and his team aimed to incorporate AI throughout the entire video production process, from development to post-production. 

They hoped that AI could provide fresh, innovative ideas during the conceptualising phase. Tools like ChatGPT were employed to explore new angles and concepts that the team might not have considered.

However, the results were underwhelming. 

"What we found out was that projects like this are very niche," Aude explains. 

"The ideas generated by AI were rather generic, lacking the depth and specificity we could achieve through direct research and interaction with the people involved."

Successes and Shortcomings

Despite the initial disappointment, AI proved somewhat useful in the post-production phase. 

"We used AI tools for translations and subtitles, which was helpful," Aude notes. 

"But overall, AI didn't significantly enhance our project."

Aude has identified a significant shortcoming of AI: its inability to navigate the complex, creative, and logistical challenges inherent in film production. 

"You can't just push a button and get the exact film you want," he emphasises. 

"The film production process involves many unforeseen challenges that AI isn't equipped to handle."

Valuable Lessons Learned

Through this project, Aude has learned two crucial lessons about integrating AI in video production. First, a strategic approach is essential. 

"Implementing AI can consume a lot of time, and it might not always be worth it," he says. 

"You need to understand why AI is important for your company and how it will be used."

Second, Aude advises taking baby steps. 

"Don't expect your employees to become AI experts overnight," he cautions. 

"Be curious, work through it slowly, and integrate it gradually into your processes."

Practical Applications of AI in Video Production

Aude sees potential for AI in various formats, particularly in post-production. For simpler formats like talking head videos, AI can assist with creating questionnaires, editing material, and providing translations for subtitles. In more complex projects, AI might help with audio and voiceovers.

However, Aude remains cautious about over-reliance on AI. 

"We still face many challenges, and it's important to base your projects on what AI can realistically achieve," he advises. 

"AI won't save every film you do, but it can be a useful tool when integrated thoughtfully."

Looking Ahead

As he prepares for his talk at Native Advertising Days 2024, Aude hopes to inspire others with his experiences. 

"I hope people will gain inspiration on how to reflect on AI integration," he says. 

"Focus on what you are already good at and not spend all your time and energy on AI. Create a strategy for integrating AI, whether you are a small team or a larger company."

Do you want to learn more from Alexander Aude and 40 more industry leading speakers on native advertising? Native Advertising Days 2024 takes place June 12 -13 2024, DGI-Byen, Copenhagen Denmark

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