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5 Native Ad Solutions for Ecommerce Companies

By Chad Pollitt on September 21, 2017

For the most part, native advertising is primarily known as a top-funnel content distribution channel. Well, not all brands create and distribute top-funnel content. Some, like ecommerce, spend much of their content time down-funnel. Makes perfect sense, right? For those brands, native advertising isn’t necessarily the first channel they think about to promote their wares.


However, after spending weeks researching the native advertising technology landscape we’ve discovered that there is indeed infeed native advertising solutions and platforms for ecommerce and retail brands. Each technology represented below aren’t necessarily competitors. Some are full ecommerce suites with email and attribution capabilities. That said, they all have one thing in common – they empower ecommerce companies to do native advertising.
The great thing about these solutions is they directly drive revenue. Marketers can easily determine return on investment with each one of these native advertising technology companies.

1. Tique Network – this solution has a unique take on e-tail native advertising. It’s a video solution. The Tique network uses the power of video to feature products on premium publishers’ websites. Here’s an example of a native ad unit in action. This solution makes products the news in a native way, rather than competing with the news. This network has been known to drive conversion rates upwards of 18% when videos are engaged with.

Native Ecommerce Ad solutions example

2. StackCommerce – very similar to the previous solution. However, StackCommerce relies on text an imagery for its native advertising units. They, too, have a robust network of premium publishers that they rely on to distribute bottom funnel content and products to sell. Readers at these premium publishers transact in branded storefronts and both publishers and brands earn a percentage of each purchase.

3. Magnetic – this solution represents an entire marketing and advertising technology stack for ecommerce companies. Not only does it connect to a robust native advertising network, but it has full marketing automation and email capabilities. It’s capable of personalization and uses machine learning. It’s even capable of utilizing brick and mortar data while operating across devices. Complete with full-born analytics and attribution, this solution has access to over 450K partner websites.

4. Criteo – partners with leading retailers globally to drive performance and accelerate sales for product brands. Advertisers use Criteo Sponsored Products to reach in-market shoppers, drive traffic to products, and attribute resulting sales. Retailers are able to increase profits with native ad placements that are embedded on their site.

5. Amazon Advertising – works similar to Criteo. While shopping on Amazon sponsored product listing can appear along with other Amazon products when a user does a search. Advertisers only pay when someone clicks on a native ad unit. Here’s multiple case studies featuring companies that were successful using this network.

For e-tailers/ecommerce companies looking to try new forms of content distribution, the above five solutions should be on your list. All of them empower markers to distribute bottom-funnel content in order to solicit action – a purchase. When done natively, click-through rates and conversions outperform other forms of advertising like display.


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