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Award-winning native: Printed insert raises awareness of consultancy's sustainability services

By Native Advertising Institute on August 22, 2022

We're highlighting the winners of the Native Advertising AWARDS 2022. This post features the Best Use of Print Media.

  • Campaign: The Sustainability Guide
  • Publisher/Agency: Roularta Brand Studio, Belgium
  • Brand: KPMG

KPMG is a consultancy company and wants to be the number one consultancy to advise companies that prioritise sustainability. Communication around sustainability is its main focus and it wants to be the preferred partner when it comes to companies and businesses needing help to achieve their sustainability goals.

KPMG needed to reach a business audience of company leaders, executives, business owners, the self-employed and entrepreneurs.

Roularta Brand Studio has the business magazines Trends and Trends Tendances which every week contain a large amount of information on sustainability. The magazines’ editorial staff hit on the idea to create an insert on sustainability that would integrate KPMG (see a digital version here).

The insert would offer a practical guide with information, dos and don'ts, business cases, testimonials of companies with good sustainable track records, and answers to common questions. It would serve as a magazine with strategic insights and practical guidance. 

It would be a stand-alone pocket guide for people to keep, being a mix between relevant information and KPMG advice; a magazine offering readers a sustainability roadmap.


The main distribution focus was on Roularta’s business magazines Trends and Trends Tendances, in both a printed version and digitally (display campaign with several banner formats, online content pages, social media posts and weekly e-newsletter).

It aimed to reach a further audience also by distributing the sustainability insert in its news magazines Knack/Le Vif (155,000 copies in total, with more than 800,000 weekly readers). It also used a small wrap around the cover of Knack/Le Vif and Trends/Trends Tendances that informed the audience about the availability of the free sustainability guide.

Roularta also mentioned KPMG in its other editorial articles about sustainability, supported by its editorial team.


The editorial staff continues to bring relevant sustainability information and KPMG continues to be the studio’s partner on sustainability for the future. 

With the full media plan on Roularta's news and business channels, it reached 34% of all self-employed people or entrepreneurs in Belgium (roughly 199,000 people) and 44% of all executive level or business owners in Belgium (around 183,000 people).

As of early February 2022, the guide was ordered almost 5,000 times.


Editorial partnerships between news and business brands can be tricky. As the editorial staff must retain its independence and objectivity, a collaboration such as the one between KPMG and Roularta’s magazines takes a lot of negotiation to match the partner’s content with editorial content. It has to be 100% correct, balanced, relevant and informative for the readers.