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Victor Wendel: “Be careful that your native video content isn’t too pretty”

By Anders Engbjerg Vinderslev on May 28, 2024

As Native Advertising Days 2024 draws closer, we zero in on Victor Wendel, team manager for the video and podcast department at Bonnier News Brand Studio. 


With his seven years in charge of one of Scandinavia's largest native advertising video teams, Victor Wendel has developed a profound expertise in the format. At the conference, Victor Wendel will focus specifically on how video increases the overall engagement in native advertising campaigns. 


We sat down with the talented Swede to preview his presentation at Native Advertising Days 2024 and pick his brain about the current state of video in native advertising. 


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The dynamic power of video

So let’s start with Victor Wendel’s presentation at Native Advertising Days 2024


Titled "The Keys to Increase Engagement in Native Advertising," Victor Wendel will delve into the transformative potential of video in native advertising. 


"Integrating premium native advertising video can significantly enhance user interaction and increase the time audiences spend on content," says Wendel. 


His insights are based on extensive experience with content production within the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Enhancing user interaction and content engagement

At the core of Wendel’s presentation is the idea that video, when used effectively, can dramatically elevate user engagement. 


"Video has the unique ability to capture attention and convey messages more powerfully than text or static images," Wendel explains. 


At the conference, he will use two cases from his team's portfolio to showcase how you can integrate video content into native advertising campaigns to create immersive experiences that resonate with audiences and keep them engaged longer.


The two notable campaigns, he will highlight, are for Apollo, a travel company, and the Heart and Lung Foundation, a charity organisation. These cases illustrate the diverse video applications in driving both engagement and conversions.

Addressing conversion rates

But what about conversion rates? 


Victor Wendel acknowledges that while engagement and brand lift is the ultimate goal, some Native campaigns KPI:s are to drive conversions.


"It's not just about keeping users on the page; it's about prompting them to take action," he asserts. 


At his presentation Victor Wendel will explore strategies that Bonnier News Brand Studio has implemented to boost conversion rates, using compelling video content to guide users effectively through the customer journey.

Balancing quality and authenticity

A critical question that many marketers grapple with is whether it’s feasible to produce high-quality TV content on a modest budget. Wendel offers a resounding yes. 


"One of the biggest changes I've seen over the past decade is how accessible high-quality video production has become," he notes. 


However, one of Victor Wendel’s ‘pet peeves’ is the risk of video content becoming "too pretty" in native advertising. 


"The biggest difference between 2024 and when I started working with native advertising is how easy it is to produce high-quality content today," Victor Wendel states. 


"As a result, commercial content can sometimes be too polished, making it stand out in a way that feels unnatural on the native platform." 


At the conference, he will highlight the importance of maintaining authenticity while ensuring high visual quality. Victor Wendel emphasises that content must blend seamlessly with the platform to maintain its native feel.

Adaptability and modern production techniques

Emphasising the adaptability required in today’s media landscape, Victor Wendel will

highlight how production synergy, multi talented staff and modern tools have simplified video production.


He will share anecdotes about successful campaigns that utilised simple equipment, such as selfie sticks and high-quality microphones, to produce engaging content. "Even small campaigns can achieve great results with the right approach and tools," he asserts.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a leader in the field. Join Victor Wendel and other industry experts to discover strategies that could transform your digital content approach, ensuring effectiveness while managing costs. 


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