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When creativity beats budget: How Andy Sitta and Seznam Brand Studio transformed Renault’s advertising approach

By Anders Engbjerg Vinderslev on May 28, 2024


In the competitive world of advertising, where budgets often dictate the scope and reach of campaigns, Andy Sitta and the Seznam Brand Studio are proving that creativity and a touch of bravery can sometimes be just as, if not more, effective than a big pot of money. 


As Andy Sitta, Head of Seznam Brand Studio, prepares to deliver a presentation at the upcoming Native Advertising Days in Copenhagen, we sat down with 2023’s Native Advertising Marketer of the Year


At his presentation, Andy Sitta will focus in particular on a remarkable native advertising project that Seznam Brand Studio carried out for Renault. The ‘Gateway to a World of Unbridled Imagination’ campaign, which earned an impressive 10 nominations at this year’s Native Advertising Awards, is a truly unique marketing idea where the boundless imagination of children meets ChatGPT and insightful editorial craftsmanship.


In this interview, Andy Sitta previews his learnings from the hugely successful campaign and how other marketing professionals can offset budget and time restraints by perhaps embracing a more innovative and fearless approach to native advertising. 

Meet Andy Sitta 

But first: Who is Andy Sitta and how did he become one of the most influential voices in native advertising? 


Andy Sitta’s journey into the world of advertising began with a solid educational foundation in business, management, and marketing, spread across the UK and Australia. His career took off in a marketing agency in the UK before he and his wife returned to the Czech Republic. 


This move led him, where he started as an ad specialist. Over seven years, Andy transitioned from placing new ads on’s websites to pioneering Seznam Brand Studio, a creative and strategic agency bridging the gap between brands and audiences.

The power of creativity and strategy

At Seznam Brand Studio, Andy Sitta emphasises the inseparability of creativity and strategy. 

“Creative work without a solid strategy can look nice but isn’t very effective,” Andy notes. His approach is to first develop a robust strategy and then unleash creative potential to achieve substantial results.


One of the key themes Andy Sitta will explore in his upcoming presentation is the idea that budget doesn’t always determine the success of a project. He believes that in the absence of large budgets, creativity and bravery are essential. 


“If you lack big budgets, you need to rely on creativity or bravery, to achieve the same kind of impact. We have clients that are like: ‘We want to have an award-winning campaign, but we don’t have the budget.’ Our reply is usually that from our perspective it is not necessarily about the budgets, it’s about having a good strategy and the freedom and bravery to execute it,” he explains. 


This philosophy is central to Andy Sitta’s work, especially in projects where either budget or time constraints could be limiting factors. 

A world of unbridled imagination

Andy Sitta’s campaign for Renault, titled “Gateway to a World of Unbridled Imagination,” exemplifies his creative approach. Despite Renault’s global presence, the brand does not make the list of the most selling cars in the Czech Republic. Andy Sitta and his team recognised the need for a standout strategy that didn’t rely on a massive budget. 


They decided to incorporate children’s imagination into the campaign, visiting kindergarden as a test ground and then working with three kids extensively to create fairy tales based on their ideas and creating fairy tales based on the children’s ideas.


The result was a series of audio fairy tales that resonated deeply with the target audience—young parents. This creative approach not only raised awareness but also significantly increased favorability towards Renault without raising dislikes. Even after the campaign ended, the fairy tales continued to attract organic downloads, demonstrating the lasting impact of useful and engaging content.

Using ChatGPT to save time 

Another innovative aspect of the Renault campaign was the use of ChatGPT. Andy Sitta and his team used the AI tool to generate initial scripts and creative ideas quickly. 


“ChatGPT is great for producing average content quickly, but for top-tier work, you still need the best people. So the way we used ChatGPT was that we saved time with some of the more practical or generic assignments, so our creative people could spend their time improving the quality of the content,” Andy Sitta says. 


The tool was particularly useful for generating numerous fictional names for the various characters and planets in the children’s fairy tales, saving valuable time.


Looking Ahead: Native Advertising Days 2024

Andy Sitta’s presentation at the Native Advertising Days 2024 promises to delve deeper into these strategies and showcase the power of creativity and bravery in native advertising. 


His success with Renault is a testament to the effectiveness of thinking outside the box and prioritising meaningful content above all. 


For those attending the Native Advertising Days 2024, Andy Sitta’s insights will undoubtedly provide valuable lessons on how to achieve success without relying solely on large budgets.