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Blood Sisters

Campaign - Blood Sisters

Goals and objectives

Plan is an international organisation, and the money they collect from donors goes to projects all over the world. This means they have a disadvantage compared to local organisations. We know that Norweigan’s interest and will to donate increases with how close the project is to home.

We are also living in a time where the media is dominated by the war in Europe, climate crisis and the global pandemic. Creating engagement around causes that are not the most newsworthy stories, is a big challenge.

In the wake of the pandemic, and with a looming economic crisis on the horizon, Plan has also had an increasingly difficult time recruiting permanent donors. In Norwegian we call these permanent donors «Plan-fadder’s». During the last two years the number of Planfadders recruited through content campaigns have decreased substantially.

In correlation with The International Menstrual Hygiene Day, and to raise awareness about women living in period poverty, Plan International Norway wanted to create a campaign that would stop Norwegians in their tracks, motivate them to learn more about the topic, and donate money to the cause.

In order to do this, we needed to innovate our products and find new ways to motivate Norwegians to learn about, and donate to, Plan’s nonprofit work. It was also important for the campaign to be relatable and close to home, so that Norwegians could identify with the impoverished women that Plan wanted to focus on.