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How Xbox’s Fashion Collaboration Enhanced Inclusivity in Gaming

Goals and objectives

Xbox wanted to convey the message that gaming is for everyone and aimed to make women feel more included in the gaming world. They wanted to reach and get as many eyes on their products and services outside of the traditional target group within gaming.

To achieve the goal, we wanted to illustrate the mutual influence between the fashion and gaming worlds, particularly in the realm of virtual fashion, which has become increasingly significant. We observe major fashion houses incorporating virtual collection launches in popular games. Furthermore, on red carpets worldwide, we see styling and looks being inspired by various games, and game characters are becoming more common sources of inspiration.

By creating ”Xbox Game Squad” - an exclusive collaboration between ELLE, Xbox, Bethesda, and Beckmans Design School, something that has never been showcased at the ELLE Gala before.

The concept was to create two unique fashion designs inspired by Xbox’s new games, ”Redfall,” set in a dystopian vampire city, and the space game ”Starfield.” The creations were then worn at the ELLE Gala by ”The Game Squad,” consisting of two relevant personalities with connections to gaming.

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