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What Makes an Effective Awareness Campaign? Unveiling Alkohol & Samfund's Strategy

Goals and objectives

The majority of Danes who drink too much have difficulty recognizing that they actually have an alcohol abuse. At the same time, far too few people take advantage of the free support and advice that Alkolinjen offers.

In a partnership between TV 2 and Alkohol & Samfund (Alcohol and Society), the focus was to de-taboo alcohol abuse, and inform about the possibility to seek help. We wanted to highlight the theme with an agenda-setting content campaign that both directly and indirectly referred to Alkolinjen's (Alcohol & Society support callcenter) support center and the citizens' opportunity to act actively. A main objective was to increase knowledge about Alkolinjens existence and also start a behavioral change resulting in an increase in people seeking help.

We also wanted to give the Danes a better understanding of the problem and show that everyone can be affected by alcohol problems, it is not just the stereotypical: "man on the bench" who is affected. Our objective here was change of attitude and to shift prejudice about people with alcohol problems.

Alcohol problems affect more people than you think, and this message was clearly conveyed in a strong campaign film, in a large digital video campaign and in a number of features in the national Danish TV programme ”TV 2 - GO ’Morgen Danmark” studio, where the broad topic was made tangible through versatile studio interviews.

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