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Why Podcasting Was the Perfect Medium for Equinor's Ambitious Energy Transition Story

Goals and objectives

Norwegian company Equinor, formerly Statoil, is one of the worlds largest producers of oil and gas, and a cornerstone in the Norwegian economy as a major employer and investor, and the largest tax and income contributor to the Norwegian government.

As Equinor now is transitioning their business model from fossil resources into a broader energy company, there's considerable potential to disrupt the status quo, and therefore also a significant need to communicate with stakeholders about this.

Solving the climate challenges, while also meeting global energy demands, is a key issue of our time. For an energy company like Equinor, navigating the current public debate on these issues is a formidable communication task - as opinions on climate change and the energy transition grow more polarized every day.

Equinor wanted to challenge themselves, their critics, independent professionals and researchers. By highlighting various aspects of climate threats and the possible solutions, the goal was to contribute to a constructive conversation around the challenges we're all facing, and to provide in-depth insight into how Equinor works to counter them as an energy company. A major goal was to initiate debate and raise awareness.

The goals were to involve the target audience in a complex and challenging problem: Climate and Energy, by:

A) offering insight and knowledge through engaging content
B) promoting dialogue and debate in a way that allowed us to go in-depth, inspire reflection and include a variety of voices and opinions.

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