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How Kaufland Hrvatska's 'Ours Taste the Best' Campaign Boosted Local Food Sales and Supported Family Farms

Goals and objectives

One of the leading retailers in Croatia, Kaufland Hrvatska (subsidiary of Schwarz Group, world’s fourth largest retailer by revenue), launched a comprehensive supply, distribution and marketing effort to boost its local food offerings – specifically, quality produce provided by local farmers and small family-owned producers.

The efforts consisted of improved distribution and marketing campaigns in Kaufland’s stores, and an ambitious native marketing drive to raise awareness and attract consumers. The mission was ambitious, with broader societal implications: in the past decade Croatian agriculture has been on the decline, both in relative and absolute terms, with strong public sentiments in favor of local farming.

The company thus had three essential goals, two of which were consumer-oriented (B2C), and one that had to do with its supply network and B2B relations.

First and foremost, Kaufland was looking to boost foot traffic and sales of said food products; secondly, in terms of branding, the company wanted to position itself as the leading partner, promoter and enabler of local farming and family agriculture, and build a connection between its brand and positive values of quality local farming; finally, Kaufland was looking to promote partnership potential and attractiveness of its retail network to new food suppliers.

TG Studio was hired to help tell Kaufland’s new story and design an innovative approach to move beyond promotional activities traditionally used by retail chains on the market.

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