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How Renault Used Fairy Tales to Enhance Brand Perception

Goals and objectives

When considering the purchase of a new car, most people typically have just two brands in mind, often including the brand of their previous vehicle. This poses a significant challenge for Renault in the Czech market, where Skoda dominates and Renault doesn’t even rank in the top 10 car-selling brands. Renault’s overall brand awareness is high but struggles to establish strong, positive brand associations.

So, how do you turn the tide? Renault’s strategy focused on leveraging emotions. For its new model, the Renault Austral, the company created a high-production TV spot centred around the theme of pure imagination. Our task was to extend and adapt this concept for online Czech audiences, working within tight time and budget constraints.

The goal was to create something new and unusual to break through the typical automotive marketing communication dominated by strong competition from other car brands and draw positive associations towards the new model, Renault Austral.