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Kids & Money

Goals and objectives

The Central Czech National Bank supervises all banks within the Czech Republic. However, the public doesn't know a great deal about educational activities for children. Our main goal was ensuring the distribution of presentations and other educational materials among parents and particularly among teachers, who guide children to financial literacy.

We needed to arouse public interest in respect of this urgent topic, which still does not get enough coverage within the media sphere. However, our main challenge was to provide readers with sufficient motivation to download and use the materials from the renowned Czech National Bank experts.

Moreover, since curricula are being delayed due to distance learning, teachers/parents are finding it increasingly difficult to find motivation, time and space for this topic. For this reason, we had to convince them that the topic's content is important and cannot be overlooked.

The client's long-term educational goal is to support Czech families in managing their income responsibly, avoid unfavourable loans and educate their children so they are able to make considered decisions regarding their purchases.
Therefore, the connection with similarly tuned content is natural. The partial goal was to introduce the Czech National Bank to teachers as an active and relevant partner in relation to children's education.

Despite a limited budget, we wanted to make full use of the current topic's potential and prepare educational content that will be of interest to parents as well as teachers and at the same time, it will also be naturally associated with the brand.

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