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Rubrique myLIFE

Goals and objectives

Developed on the initiative of BIL (Banque internationale à Luxembourg), BILmyLIFE is the content-based platform which aims to provide effective information on managing finances and inspire people in bringing their personal and career plans to fruition. It contains articles on financial management that are accessible to the general public, including both private individuals and companies. The bank called on our services to write educational content for this platform in the form of articles, expert interviews, videos and infographics on topics such as budgeting, housing, investment, etc.

In promoting this content, our aim was to inform subscribers to the Paperjam newsletter about financial management for individuals and professionals and generate qualified traffic to the platform.

We also wanted to strengthen BIL’s position as an advisor and expert by capitalising on high-quality content and making it available to all. With that in mind, we organised a bi-weekly event throughout the year to reach the target group at different times of the day.

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