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Unleashing the Undead: How TV5's Walker Invasion Revitalized Viewership

Goals and objectives

In the Philippines, local free TV is dominated by two networks. They offer the same show formats, mostly consisting of variety shows, soap operas, news and Asian soap operas dubbed in Filipino. The most popular celebrities are also on these two networks.

Next to these two is TV5. In order to create a distinction, TV5 scrapped the content formula employed by the other two networks and instead made it a point to offer different content that will make a difference in their viewers’ lives.

They concentrated on giving unmatched sports programs, fearless news and premium/international shows (mostly from the US) that are popular and cannot be found on other free TV channels. These international shows are dubbed in Filipino. Last August, TV5 brought the popular action program “The Walking Dead Season 1” to local free TV.

To promote this newest addition, we were tasked to conduct an effort that would excite and renew interest for The Walking Dead given the following considerations: 

  • It’s not new. The US was already going into season 7 at the time of launch and it was available in cable channels.
  • Filipinos can easily access the show through Youtube.

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