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Why the "Unique Family" Campaign Resonated with Zagreb's Residents and Tourists

Goals and objectives

Our primary goal was to launch Ledo’s new Quattro ice cream flavors with a native advertising campaign that not only captured attention but also engaged both domestic families and foreign visitors in Zagreb. We aimed to create a memorable and interactive experience, highlighting the diversity and uniqueness of families while promoting distinct ice cream flavors. The mission was to foster a connection between the brand and consumers through shared experiences, emphasizing that, just like families, the Quattro ice cream offers a unique blend of distinct elements. 

Another objective was to create sense of family among strangers and random people in a unique, guerilla way. To achieve this, we set out to create an immersive outdoor event, placing a typical Croatian ”family” in the heart of Zagreb’s Zrinjevac. The family acted as hosts, inviting passers-by to join in various activities and taste the new ice cream flavors. Simultaneously, a native online contest encouraged broader participation, inviting readers and attendees to share what made their families unique. We aimed to generate a sense of community and celebration around diversity, aligning Ledo Quattro with the idea that being different is what makes us all special.