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What Made NBC's YouTube Channel the Go-To Destination for Nørrebro Residents and Shoppers

Goals and objectives

Nørrebro Bycenter (NBC) is a shopping center in the diverse and colorful part of Copenhagen called Nørrebro. 

When we first met NBC as a client, they had the following reality: 

  • The knowledge of NBC in the primary market area has fallen significantly from 45 % to 17 % 
  • Many existing customers in the primary market area are opting out the center - lack of relevance. 
  • 31 % of the residents in the primary area have not shopped in NBC within the past 12 months – great potential in more visitors.
  • The locals use the center out of need – not desire. We must change that trend. 

And the following needs and possibilities:

  • The image of NBC needs a lift and we need to tell the right story. NBC needs to be a shoppingcenter for everyone. 
  • Strong local anchorage in the heart of Nørrebro. Take advantage of the position by embracing diversity with relevant communication, which has the target audience in mind. 
  • Take advantage of the potential in the phrase 'We love Nørrebro '. Embrace it and use it in the communication. 
  • Increase customer flow to the center and create a preference for NBC as the local shopping center in a busy day.

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