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Who cooks better?

Campaign - Who cooks better?

Goals and objectivesGoals and objectives

Croatian traditional retail brands mostly run television or display advertising campaigns. They are less likely to decide on running native projects or campaigns which are completely video based. Tommy as a retail brand aimed to switch from their traditional TV advertising to a video/digital one, to promote their assortment and their chef, a famous cook Fabrizio.
Oriđiđi productions bought the license from a large television distributor ‘Global Agency’ to adapt the globally renowned franchise ‘Rivals in Law’ into our show Who cooks better. In this show with reality elements, we found the answer to the age-old question - who cooks better - mother or wife, i.e. husband or father. Tommy as a brand has their own shop in the show in which contestants go to to fetch the groceries needed for their specialty recipes, and culinary advice are handed by their professional Tommy chef.
The goal was to transform this classic TV format into the most watched digital reality and to give the audience a newly adapted version of already seen formats which we used to watch exclusively on our TV screens. Duration of the digital show corresponds with the duration of its TV version, and the show has managed to keep the audiences’ attention as effectively as the TV version has.
We gathered the audience which likes to watch these formats on their television screens and introduced them to this new digital version which we have adapted for other digital formats such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and web.

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