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Women and "Ubering": Breaking Barriers in Saudi Arabia

Women and "Ubering"

Goals and objectives

UBER, the global leader in ride service hailing, was looking to engage with local Arab women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to increase familiarity with the brand and improve consideration to use UBER as drivers or riders.

Their key objectives of the campaign were to:

  1. Build awareness about UBER features for female riders and drivers
  2. Create meaningful connections, ensuring that UBER is locally relevant

In a unique market such as KSA, there are many distinguished characteristics and attributes of market dynamics and consumer behavior, shaped by the cultural atmosphere, local traditions, “taboos” and public opinion, that require brands to rethink and follow a strategic approach based on consumer and cultural insights.

Hence, for UBER, we ensured that our solution is empowered by consumer insights and locally contextual knowledge, because we strongly believe that regardless of how profound and well-established your brand is globally, or how fantastic your product or experience is, you can’t drive behavioral change or motivate consumers to try your product if you don’t know them well enough to find the right key to communicate.

To build our strategy, we began with our Consumer Research Study on the Automotive Sector in KSA* that we conducted following the new law that allowed Saudi women to drive, to understand our target audience's transportation behaviors and preferences.

*Please refer to the attachment titled Research_Females Automotive Behaviour KSA