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What Makes an Online Lotto Campaign Successful? Inside Lottoland's Record-Breaking Approach

Goals and objectives

Lottoland is multinational gambling company offering customers the opportunity to bet on a wide range of international lotteries. . Lottoland has grown rapidly to become a world leader in online lotto.. In June 2018, Lottoland paid out €90 million to one lucky winner in Germany - this win has been confirmed by Guinness World Records as the Largest online gambling payout. Lottoland provides a unique story and an unmistakable promise. For no more than £1, every visitor here has the right to dream big

The purpose of our campaign was to specifically highlight an upcoming draw for the Irish Lotto, which was available to customers in the UK. The team at N365 created native articles promoting the draw which were published on the day of the draw across several publishers and on various bespoke content sites. Visitors are found via paid ads on Facebook.

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