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How Chill&Grill Became the Heart of Croatia’s Food Scene: A Digital-First Success


Goals and objectives

A few years back, food brands didn't have many quality opportunities to present themselves to a wider audience through gastronomy. An important date such as Labor Day, which is well-known as the highlight of the barbecue season, went unnoticed. We heard the client’s cry and collaborated with them on a project that was out of our comfort zone and core business. We started Chill&Grill, the biggest outdoor food festival in the region. Fun fact about Croats, though. We really LOVE food and everything related to it. So, Labor Day is also Grill day. That's why Chill&Grill was the greatest gathering which celebrates grilled food, music, drinks, and awesome family and friends time over several days. And, it cost. Quite a lot.

This year, COVID-19 hit the world and everything stopped. However, our client Podravka had this idea to keep on moving and stay connected to the audience. We approached the problem with a "new different" and turned it into a new normal. We anchored it in the content on our online and offline channels, along with a small-budget approach. The Chill&Grill became a digital-first campaign. Despite the circumstances, we were agile and used all available sources to reach as many people as possible, cheer them up, engage, and create the movement. And we did it, Chill & Grill connected all Croats and we were everywhere: from people’s balconies, apartments, gardens to houses throughout Croatia and expanded to the whole region as a positive movement.

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