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How HEMA's "Coppens Brothers Underwear Stunt" Made Everyday Products Relevant to New Consumers

Goals and objectives

HEMA, a retailer with a wide range of everyday products wanted to be relevant to new and young consumers. Today, HEMA has some serious competition in a complex, crowded and competitive marketplace. Heavyweight power brands such as H&M, C&A,... outspend HEMA by a long way, but we also had an additional challenge. HEMA had a wide range of great everyday products, but there’s no hero product to lead the pack. We took an everyday product, mens underwear, and brought it to life through a groundbreaking partnership with a popular Belgian tv show: Het Lichaam Van Coppens. The show perfectly mirrors HEMA’s core values: a broad audience, close to daily life, one that fulfills all of its promises and fun. In this popular primetime television programme, Staf and Mathias Coppens subject their own bodies to spectacular tests and tough experiments in order to answer the questions of the viewers. For the 6th season the hosts were looking for a stunt to launch the new season. The first two episodes of this new season were all about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The match between the television show and the HEMA brand could not be unseen, and so the groundbreaking idea came to mind: let’s make the Coppens brothers underwear models for HEMA!