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How to win a multi-channel 12- month campaign

Bonnier News Brand Studio delivered an amazing native advertising campaign across multiple channels for a full year. Learn how they did it in this talk.

To most media companies getting the client to agree to a year-long partnership as opposed to short two-week campaigns is the holy grail.

But how do you actually do that?

And how do you run a complex multi-channel native advertising campaign for an entire year?

Caroline Swärd, Head of Operations at Bonnier News Brand Studio, will walk us through their award-winning case for XL BYGG which included all kinds of content on multiple channels including print, digital, social and physical events.

And then we’ll dive into:

  • How Bonnier came up with this big bold strategy and how they convinced the client
  • What the actual campaign process looked like
  • What it takes to run such a complex project for 12 months