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Learn how to measure the success of native advertising

Measuring campaign results is one of the most challenging parts of our work. The trick is to treat it as a dynamic force.

Creating exceptional content is just the beginning.

Native advertising teams must also substantiate its effectiveness, not just from the audience's perspective but also for brands.

One effective and popular method is through brand lift analysis. However, merely reporting results at the campaign's conclusion misses the essence of measuring success.

So what to do?

The way Seznam Brand Studio gauges success significantly impacts campaign goal-setting, creative concept development, benchmark establishment, and the ongoing optimization of campaigns.

In essence, let's view brand metrics as a dynamic force guiding us at every stage of our projects, rather than just as an endpoint evaluation.

Join one of the most award-winning brand studios in the world to learn how to harness brand metrics for continuous improvement and success in branded content campaigns.

What you can expect from this webinar
Learn how Seznam Brand Studio use measurement dynamically to improve on active campaigns

Get the do’s and don’ts when deciding on goals and KPIs

A deep dive into an award-winning native advertising project

Meet the speakers
We promise that you will be in great company

Expert: Andy Sitta is leading one of the world’s best brand studios. He was also Native Advertising Marketer of the Year 2023 and is passionate about disrupting how people think about native advertising. Andy's mission is to create advertising that doesn't bother people while achieving impactful results.

Host: Jesper Laursen, Founder, Native Advertising Institute
Co-host: Gregory Friend, VP, Insights & Innovation, Nativo