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Why O2's Soda Became the Go-To Platform for Telco Native Campaigns: Unveiling the Success Behind the Strategy

Goals and objectives

Folk was approached by O2 in Slovakia to solve their native/content program. After initial tests with classic media outlets, and seeing that major part of their traffic comes from social media anyway, we've opted to build our own platform under domain, 

Only 6 months into production, O2's own magazine brought 500.000 sessions monthly (this was later lowered to ~250.000 / month based on agreement with a client - we focused more on product content which lowered engagement). 

Soda is a mix of product & brand content, and telco's owned platform to develop content & native campaigns. The articles serve as landing platform for social media traffic and Strossle traffic. Selected articles from Soda are re-distributed through traditional media outlets as paid native campaigns. 

In 2017, we opened O2 as native platform for O2 vendors (mostly mobile phone producers) that run their own native campaigns within the platform, and bring additional revenue & reach to O2.

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