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Beyond AI Experimentation: How to Lead the Marketing Transformation Like a Bad*ss

Let's talk straight: the majority of marketers are experimenting with genAI. But do you ever feel like you’re stuck spinning your wheels? Few marketing organisations have actually broken through the pilot phase to transform the way they operate.

Why are we stuck?

When enterprises successfully adopt and scale, they follow three major checkpoints along an s-curve style path to AI adoption: individual acceleration, team acceleration and business acceleration. Each phase has its own learning curve and set of benefits, but too many of us hit a wall at phase one. Why? Because either a) we can’t get anyone else on our team to use it or b) moving to the next phase requires having a vision and likely a leader who can drive the change necessary to impact the way we operate as a team or business.

The real challenge here isn't about getting the tech right. It's about shifting our culture and strategy to match. The authentic AI-applied opportunities are discovered by the marketers willing to get their hands dirty – not just playing it safe in the sandbox. It’s time to embrace the change and push past comfort zones because the truth is anyone can step up and lead their marketing org through this transformation with the right mindset and support system. You’ve never done this before – but remember, no-one has. The ability, let alone willingness, to drive culture change is bad ass. Let’s do this.

Key takeaways

  • How to drive a culture of innovation with the willingness to learn and apply genAI 
  • How to scale responsible AI adoption across your organisation 
  • Implementation best practices and results from other enterprises across industries