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Stop Begging For Attention: How Can Podcasts Get Your Brand Noticed?

In an increasingly saturated digital landscape, podcasts emerge as the ultimate opportunity for brands to capture and keep attention.

With completion rates of over 80%, Pacific Content sets the bar high for branded podcasts. In this session, its Head of Strategy and Development, Annalise Nielsen, shares four creative ways brands can leverage the large and engaged audiences of podcasting.

Through compelling case studies and revealing data, this session will demonstrate how brands are using podcasts to deepen relationships with customers, inspire emotional connection and ultimately generate tangible business results.

Key takeaways

  • There’s A Strategy For You: We’ll cover the diverse podcast strategies available to brands, empowering you to find the perfect solution for your unique business challenge and objectives.
  • Don’t Skimp On The Creative:  Recognising the discerning nature of podcast audiences, we’ll cover the imperative for exceptional podcast production and creativity to captivate and maintain listener attention. Discover the importance of creating content that feels like a gift for your target audience.
  • Data-Driven Impact: Gain practical insights into how brands measure the success of their podcast strategies.