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How We Revolutionised Brand Engagement: Story on Harnessing AI to Elevate Customer Experiences and Influence Public Health

In an ever-changing landscape driven by evolving user needs and groundbreaking technologies, this presentation unveils a pioneering AI solution that elevates brand engagement to unprecedented heights.

Prepare to be introduced to Superfood-Chef by Coolinarika, a virtual assistant guided by artificial intelligence that not only understands users' preferences but also promotes healthier choices, fosters trust and enhances well-being.

Join us to discover how Coolinarika by Podravka, the leading culinary platform in Croatia and the region, embarked on a daring journey to tackle the pressing issue of obesity.

By harnessing cutting-edge generative AI technology, this initiative revolutionised brand communication and user engagement. Through a blend of human-centred design, agile development and premium native advertising, the project achieved groundbreaking results, driving significant social impact and inspiring a genuine shift towards healthier lifestyles.

Furthermore, this presentation offers a compelling demonstration of how to successfully navigate the intersection of tradition and innovation within a large, established company.