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How to Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Business opportunities can appear out of nowhere and quickly become career-defining for your branded content team. This case study goes behind the scenes with Fortune Brand Studio: from how we pitched a high-profile, fast-turnaround documentary-style video series to how we negotiated, messed up, learned, underdelivered, overdelivered, streamlined, learned more, and created our biggest and best-performing branded content partnership to date.

Fortune Media’s mission is to change the world by making business better. We were incredibly lucky to be able to bring that mission to life when we partnered with Salesforce on The Ecopreneurs series, which took us around the globe to profile innovative companies fighting the climate crisis. Our three-time Anthem Award–winning partnership has garnered 50-plus international creative awards and accolades, but the journey to produce the series took a huge toll on our teams, and we now know how we could have made better choices from start to finish.

This panel will help you understand what to look out for when you are embarking on a challenging program alongside internal sales teams, multiple client stakeholders and external vendors, so that you can build a long-term plan enabling everyone to win, together.

Key takeaways

  • More confidence that you can pitch a deal bigger than anything you’ve sold before. 
  • The art of successful pre-production meetings when everything is at stake. 
  • Managing tight production schedules/approvals with multiple stakeholders/time zones.