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Learn how to make creative campaigns in conservative industries

How do you make creative campaigns in conservative industries?

Let's be honest, if you knew the answer to that question, you probably wouldn't be here. Or maybe you do, but you struggle to convince clients to play along.

Either way, it's a difficult challenge and one that several businesses face.

Everybody knows that creativity and great storytelling are fundamental for driving successful native advertising campaigns. However, what constitutes creativity and a good story is subjective and personal, and clients don’t always seem to agree - especially when they are working in more traditional or conservative industries.

So what to do?

Mary Gail Pezzimenti, the Head of Creative in the Washington Post Creative Group, has a unique perspective on this dilemma.

In this webinar, she will provide you with her process of telling engaging stories while meeting a client’s goals at the same time. And she will share some of her secrets on how to persuade brands to go outside of their comfort zone to achieve success.

What you can expect from this webinar
See how the Washington Post Creative Group crafted an award-winning campaign for Cisco using creative storytelling

Get insights on how to be creative in more traditional industries that are generally adverse to bold or provocative ideas

Learn how to convince hesitant clients to tell great stories in a creative way to drive business results

Meet the speakers - We promise that you will be in great company

Expert: Mary Gail Pezzimenti is Head of Creative at the Washington Post Creative Group. She’s been working with native advertising and branded content for more than a decade at CBS, Mashable and Huffington Post, to mention a few.
Host: Jesper Laursen, Founder, Native Advertising Institute
Co-host: Jordan Hyman, SVP East, Nativo