The Native Advertising Booklet

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More customers discover native advertising and brand storytelling by the Axel Springer Brand Studio.

After merging the Native Advertising units at BILD and WELT in early2018, the joint studio now operates across the diverse portfolio of digital media brands at Axel Springer to craft the best 360-degree creative solutions for brands - efficiently and at an even larger scale.

In the “Native Advertising Booklet” we are providing you with a selection of best practices from our campaigns on BILD, WELT and special interest verticals.

Besides, we are looking across the pond: Which trends and innovations turn strong brands in the US into courageous pioneers of Native Advertising 2.0?

This resource includes:

  • Introduction to Axel Springer Brand Studio
  • Back to the future of great brand stories: US Trend Report
  • Best practices on BILD, WELT & Axel Springer’s special interest verticals

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