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Anders Lithner: What data from 2,000 campaigns can teach you about Native Advertising

By Alexander Højfeldt Lund on May 15, 2024

In the evolving digital marketing landscape, native advertising has become a critical tool for engaging consumers more deeply than traditional ads. 

In this blog post, Anders Lithner, CEO of Brand Metrics and a seasoned media and market research expert shares his valuable insights on the future of native advertising, its impact on marketing strategies delves deep into the effectiveness of Native Advertising based on new research done by his company.

Because, as digital ecosystems grow more complex, marketers increasingly turn to native advertising to captivate audiences. Unlike conventional advertising, native ads blend seamlessly with the content, offering a less intrusive and more engaging user experience. 

However, the effectiveness of native advertising has often been debated, prompting the need for more detailed analysis and research.

Anders Lithner and Brand Metrics have embarked on an ambitious project to analyse the outcomes of 2,000 native advertising campaigns globally measured by the company. The goal is to derive actionable insights to help marketers optimise their strategies and achieve a more significant impact.

Mid-Funnel Magic: The Strength of Native Advertising

According to Lithner, native advertising shines brightest in the mid-funnel stages of the consumer journey—consideration and preference. 

"Native advertising primarily works mid-funnel," Lithner explains. 

"It's more about attitudinal influence than just raising awareness. You're not just catching eyes, you're making people think and feel something towards the brand."

This mid-funnel effectiveness is pivotal because it's where consumer attitudes are shaped and preferences are formed. Traditional ads may capture attention, but native ads hold it, engaging consumers in a narrative that resonates on a deeper level.

What Makes Native Advertising Effective?

From Lithner's perspective, the success of native advertising hinges on storytelling. Brands that can tell compelling stories are more likely to succeed with native ads. 

"If the advertiser is Star Wars, Harley Davidson, or Manchester United, their entire brand is a story. They achieve marvellous results with sponsored articles," says Lithner. 

Conversely, brands with less compelling narratives, such as pension funds, may find it challenging to engage audiences through native advertising. This means that brands have to think a lot about what’s going to pull people in.

Patterns of Success in Native Advertising

The upcoming research by Brand Metrics aims to identify patterns and commonalities among successful campaigns. These insights will enable marketers to understand better what works and what doesn't in native advertising. 

Key factors include the brand recognisability and the inherent content interest. For example, a compelling traffic driver that aligns well with the brand and interests the target audience can significantly enhance the effectiveness of a native ad.

Educational Value for Marketers

Litner believes that the findings from this research will be particularly beneficial for marketers attending the upcoming Native Advertising Days 2024. The insights will help them tailor their native advertising strategies to be more effective and impactful. 

Anders Lithner will be accompanied on stage by the marketing manager at Brand Metrics Amanda Mattsson. 

"We're looking to teach something based on the data we've collected," Amanda Mattsson states. 

"This research isn't just about proving points; it's about learning and improving."

The insights they’ll present at the Native Advertising Days 2024 will equip marketers with the knowledge to use native advertising more effectively. By focusing on storytelling and engagement in the mid-funnel, brands can create more meaningful and lasting impressions on their audiences.

Do you want to learn more from Anders Lithner, Amanda Mattson and 40 more industry-leading speakers on native advertising? Native Advertising Days 2024 takes place June 12 -13 2024, DGI-Byen, Copenhagen Denmark

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