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Henric Smolak: How to embrace the 'Corpfluencer' mentality for success with native advertising

By Anders Engbjerg Vinderslev on May 15, 2024

In this thought-provoking interview, Henric Smolak, who will speak at Native Advertising Days 2024, delves into how corporate strategies can evolve by learning from influencers. 

Henric Smolak, a successful podcaster and trailblazer in native advertising, has coined the term "Corpfluencer”. 

In this blog post, you can learn what the term means, how Henric Smolak used corpfluencer-tactics to build a successful tech podcast and how your brand can achieve greater results with native advertising by embracing the ‘corpfluencer mentality’. 

At Native Advertising Days 2024, Henric Smolak, the Swedish country director at digital advertising and entertainment platform Azerion, will delve into the invaluable lessons corporations can glean from influencers. During his talk at the conference, Henric Smolak will explore innovative strategies that bring corporations closer to their audiences to revolutionise marketing in the digital age.

At the NAI Blog, we sat down with Henric Smolak to get a sneak peek at some of the exciting stuff he will dive into at the conference. 

What is a 'Corpfluencer'?

The term "Corpfluencer" fuses 'corporate' and 'influencer,' advocating for a blend of corporate influence with the relatability and engagement typical of influencers. 

Henric Smolak argues that corporations can achieve more meaningful engagement by mirroring influencer strategies. "A 15-year-old with a smartphone can outpace a 20-person marketing team in engagement," he observes, highlighting the natural appeal influencers have.

Building a successful podcast with the ‘Corpfluencer approach’

Henric Smolak’s own journey with his tech podcast "Under 15" serves as a case study for the ‘Corpfluencer approach’. 

Starting the podcast as a content marketing strategy, he focused on engaging content that could educate listeners in a compact format—each episode being just under 15 minutes. Initially, the podcast had minimal listenership, but Henric Smolak’s dedication to consistent, quality content gradually built a substantial following.

"This consistency was crucial," Henric Smolak reflects. "Even if I had only five listeners initially, I promised myself to keep publishing weekly. It’s about engagement and building a community, not immediate monetization." 

His strategy underscores a fundamental corpfluencer principle: valuing long-term engagement over short-term gains.

Authentic engagement over ROI

A critical takeaway from influencers, according to Henric Smolak, is their focus on genuine engagement rather than direct ROI from the outset. 

Influencers cultivate a base by providing value and maintaining authenticity, which in turn fosters a loyal audience. Henric Smolak applied this philosophy to his podcast, prioritising traffic and listener engagement over immediate financial returns.

The role of authenticity and value in content strategy

In his podcast, Henric Smolak not only shared expertise but also created a platform for experts to distil complex information into digestible, valuable insights for listeners. 

This approach not only enhanced the podcast’s appeal but also solidified Henric Smolak’s reputation as a thought leader in the tech and media landscape. He believes corporations should adopt similar strategies, focusing on what unique perspectives or insights they can offer to their audience.

Conclusion: Why corporations should adopt influencer strategies 

Henric Henric Smolak’s insights and his success with "Under 15" provide a compelling narrative for the ‘Corpfluencer concept’. 

He demonstrates that corporations can benefit significantly from adopting influencer-like strategies—prioritising authenticity, consistent value delivery, and community building. 

His experience suggests a transformative shift for corporate marketing strategies, advocating for a more engaged and relatable approach that could redefine success in the corporate world.

Do you want to learn more from Henric Smolak and 40 more industry leading speakers on native advertising? Native Advertising Days 2024 takes place June 12 -13 2024, DGI-Byen, Copenhagen Denmark

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