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VIDEO: How Native Advertising Can Help Extend Your Brand

By Native Advertising Institute on December 23, 2016

What is the key to successful native B2B marketing? How can native advertising help a brand extend? How do you find the right elements for a story for you customers?

Ansgar von Garrel answers these questions in our interview with the Director of Marketing at Lightpower and MA Lighting International, a global market leader in professional lighting consoles, which has equipped eight out of ten of the world's largest concert touring productions in 2015. The interview took place at who spoke at Native Advertising DAYS 2016 in Berlin. 

Below are highlights from the interview, which have been slightly edited for clarity.

Focus on the story
"First of all you need a story if there's no story there's nothing to tell so you need an authentic story and that story can only come from the company itself. It cannot be created in an artificial way. It has to be authentic and the right elements for a story to be found are along the customer journey. You have to pay attention to where the customer is and to give him the right information."

Work with well-known publishers
"Native advertising helped us to extend our brand and to introduce a different product into a different market segment by for example a collaboration with well-known publishers who were also in the industry for many years, so they had the same DNA as the industry and as us as a company."

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Use testimonial videos
"We did product tests. So they [the publishers] were testing products for us, which we could vice versa then use for our own media channels to communicate which really gave the message very much authenticity. And another good example was that we did what we call testimonial videos. There's a thing called social proof. When somebody who is well known in the industry and who is credible and who is using our product then other people are more likely to use the product, to be interested. So we did testimonial videos which were published by other publishers as well."

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