Native Advertising Is Growing at Record-Breaking Pace All Over the World

By Native Advertising Institute on December 14, 2017
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Native advertising is becoming a more important part of the revenue stream for publishers as more news media companies are integrating it into their core business models, according to a new, global report from Native Advertising Institute and INMA.

51% of news media publishers are already offering native advertising solutions compared to 48% last year. Comparably, 8% are “less likely” or “not likely” to offer native advertising, down from 13% in last year’s report.


At the same time, 50% of the publishers say that native advertising is “very important” to their company, up from just 35% last year. At the other end, 7% do not believe it to be important, down from 11% last year.


“Native advertising is still an advertising method in its infancy, but it is already a thriving and dynamic one - where new offerings, new partnerships, and new opportunities are evolving quickly,” says Jesper Laursen, Founder of CEO and Native Advertising Institute in the report.

The numbers seem to match the development in the growth of revenue, as native advertising is now generating 18% of the overall advertising revenues, up from 11% last year, and publishers are expecting that number to be as high as 32% by 2020.


The report is based on a survey completed by 231 executives from 51 different countries. The data was analysed by the Native Advertising Institute in collaboration with INMA.

Download the full report here: Native Advertising Trends 2017 - The News Media