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4 Ad Headline Generators You Need to Try Today

By Anders Engbjerg Vinderslev on May 7, 2024

Having trouble coming up with 20 eye-catchy and compelling ad headlines for your new campaign? You’re not the only one!

The secret to a truly great ad headline is creating a lot of great headlines – and subsequently testing them to pinpoint the most effective one.

Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Yet, in practice, it's often easier said than done. We all encounter moments when our creative juices need a nudge. That's precisely where an ad headline generator can be a lifesaver.

In this blog post, we’ll share some of the best ad headline generators. All of them are free to use, although some of them require a paid version for access to certain features.

You can use these ad headlines tools to create ad headlines for Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, or any other ad network really.

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What Is an Ad Headline Generator?

An ad headline generator is a tool designed to assist marketers in generating catchy and impactful headlines for their online ads. 

These tools often leverage algorithms and templates to suggest headline ideas based on input keywords, ad network, target audience demographics, and campaign objectives.

What’s great about an ad headline tool is that you can generate A LOT of headlines very quickly.  

While many of them may not initially hit the mark, a touch of editing from you, the copy specialist, can transform them into truly exceptional ones.

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Our 4 Favorite Ad Headline Generators

Let’s take a look at six of our favorite ad headline generators that have proven to be invaluable for us and many other marketers out there. Please note, they are not ranked in any particular order.

1. Google Bard (Gemini) & ChatGPT

In addition to some of the dedicated headline generator tools in our list, AI-powered tools like ChatGPT and Google Gemini are a great place to start generating ad headlines or inspiration for ad copy headlines.

Unless you quite literally have been living under a rock, you’re probably already familiar with these tools, but here’s a few tips on how you can use them as ad headline generators.

ChatGPT and Google Bard, now called Google Gemini, are AI-powered language models that can generate human-like text based on input prompts. While they are not specifically designed as ad headline generators, you can still use them to brainstorm ad headline ideas and generate creative copy.

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A good place to start is to provide ChatGPT or Google Gemini with input prompts related to your ad campaign, such as product descriptions, key selling points, or target audience demographics. ChatGPT will generate text based on these prompts, offering new perspectives and ideas for ad headlines.

You can also try to engage in a dialogue with AI, providing feedback on the generated text and refining your input prompts based on the results. Through iterative interactions, you can fine-tune your ad headline ideas and generate compelling copy that resonates with your audience.

Experiment with different input prompts and conversational styles to explore new creative directions for your ad headlines. Their ability to generate diverse and contextually relevant text can inspire fresh ideas and perspectives for your ad campaigns no matter which network you are planning to run your ads on.

Both tools are available on a free plan but also have a paid plan with more advanced features.

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2. HubSpot’s AI-Powered Ad Headline Tool

HubSpot’s recently released an ad headline generator that is currently in public beta.

Whether you’re promoting a product launch, driving website traffic, or increasing brand awareness, HubSpot’s new ad headline generator offers customizable options to meet your needs.

You can use the ad copy headline tool to create your headlines for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or any other ad network you’re currently using for your marketing purposes.

Simply define the purpose of your ad or landing page, input relevant keywords, and choose a tone that aligns with your brand voice. This ad headline tool looks really promising, in particular for HubSpot users, as it integrates perfectly into your existing workflows.

The tool is currently free although this may change when the tool is no longer in public beta. 

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3. TOOLSADAY Ad Headline Generator

TOOLSADAY offers a range of writing tools designed to inspire creativity and streamline the content creation process.

From ad headline generators to grammar checkers, all the tools are powered by advanced algorithms that analyze language patterns and generate suggestions tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you're writing ad copy for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn campaigns, TOOLSADAY has you covered with an ad headline generator designed specifically for each of the platforms, ensuring that your headlines are optimized for maximum impact.

The interface is pretty user-friendly, and the vast number of features make it easy to generate compelling ad copy headlines that capture attention.

TOOLSADAY is free to use but also has a paid plan with more advanced features. 

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4. EasyPeasy AI Ad Headline Generator

EasyPeasy AI's headline generator takes much of the guesswork out of crafting impactful ad headlines. With the easy-to-use interface and AI-powered algorithms – it runs on the backbone of ChatGPT tech – you can quickly generate a wide range of headline options tailored to your specific campaign objectives.

The ad headline generator supports more than 40 languages, and you can use a long list of headline templates from the app if you’re running out of inspiration.

Whether you're running ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other platform, EasyPeasy AI has specialized templates for each platform, ensuring that your headlines are optimized for maximum effectiveness.

This ad headline tool is very easy to use. You simply insert your topic and tone (optional) and the tool starts generating headlines.

Remember: Just like any other AI tool, you may need to adjust your prompts a few times before you get some headlines that live up to your criteria.

EasyPeasy AI is free to use but also has a paid plan with more advanced features. 

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Time to Create Some Great Ad Headlines!

What are you waiting for? Get out there and experiment with the ad copy tools! You'll find that they allow you to explore new creative directions, refine your messaging, and ultimately improve the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. 

Good luck!

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